Resources (OLD)

We often get questions from people who are just getting started, or who are coming into town for a visit, wondering what shops they should they should check out, so we thought it would be a good idea to list a few of our favourites here.

The Workroom
1340 Queen Street West

This is the lovely shop where we meet every month. Karyn stocks the most gorgeous selection of modern fabrics, including lots of pretty imports, voiles and laminates. She also carries patterns, books, Cosmo floss, and fabulous findings and tools. There is an impressive number of classes that you can take, so if you’re just learning how to sew then this is a great option. The Workroom is also an authorized Bernina dealer, so if you happen to be in the market for a fabulous new machine, this is the place!

575 Queen Street West

Please note: We have nothing to gain from these recommendations, nor are we responsible for anything that might happen as a result of visiting one of these shops. We’re just trying to pass on what we know!