Not Really Presidents’ Challenge 2016

The only requirement for this year’s challenge is that your entry is a quilted self-portrait. It can be any size, any shape, alternative materials, whatever you want! It doesn’t even have to be literal, so you can be all artsy and quilt what you’re feeling.

These quilts are due at our June 26, 2016 guild meeting where we will all vote upon a winner. The winner will receive a fabulous a one year dual/family membership to the Textile Museum of Canada and bragging rights!

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  1. Here are some links to resources for improving accuracy when making quilt blocks:

    General Tips
    Use good quality fabric, pay attention to grain lines when squaring up fabric on cutting board
    Use a sharp blade in rotary cutter
    Use good ergonomics (table height, body position, holding rotary cutter)
    Quality thread (50 weight)
    Frequent pressing (not ironing)
    Pressing to one side vs pressing open – pressing to one side originated to prevent batting from bearding through seams. Better quality batting is less likely to do this so pressing to one side isn’t necessary for this reason but allows for “nesting” of seams which enhances accuracy.
    Making blocks slightly bigger than required then cutting to required size is an option for some blocks

    Tips for More Accurate Fabric Cutting (free class)

    Tips for More Accurate Piecing (free class)

    Great instructional videos on quilting basics can be found at and many other sites. Which ones do you watch? What are your favourite tips/tools or techniques to improve your accuracy?

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