Upcoming July Meeting

Hey all! At this month’s meeting we will be having a Design Challenge – I
won’t say much more about it now because I want it to be a fun
surprise, but be sure to bring along your creativity, ingenuity, and
designer know-how!

For everyone that was not able to make it to last month’s meeting,
please be sure to bring your $35 (in cash) for guild dues. If you are
not able to make it to this meeting, please get in contact with me
(Kaye) about paying your guild dues via Paypal. You will not have access
to the member areas of the MQG site until you do this.

As always, bring along your finished projects and/or problems to share
with the group. Also, just a little reminder that Quilts at the Creek
will be happening at Black Creek Pioneer Village on August 10th and 11th.
A few members from the TMQG have submitted their quilts and I myself
will be attending the show on the 10th (along with my mum – if you want
to meet her that will be an experience in and of itself, haha).

At the last meeting we also arranged our schedule for the next few months:

July: Design Challenge
August: Design Challenge show off and a bias binding tutorial
September: Sewing Summit recap and scrap swap for holiday mystery gift
October: Selling your handmade items, patterns, and fabric on Etsy (and other marketplaces)
November: Mini holiday party and mystery gift swap